How To Prolong the Life Of Your Water Heater

The benefits of maintaining your water heater Miami are obvious. In addition to lowering your electricity bill, prolonging the life of your heater is another added benefit.

Here are some simple measures to take:

Drain at least a quarter of the tank every few months to remove accumulated debris.

First, turn off your water supply. Then attach a hose to the drain valve and let the water run until clear. If the water runs cloudy after you’ve crossed the quarter mark, open the water supply for a few minutes. This will stir the sediments that are now ready to be drained.

Insulation: New units are usually insulated but an older unit may benefit from a  fiberglass jacket.

Temperature checks: Keeping the temperature as low as possible will keep your keep your bills low. 120 degrees is considered ideal. If you are leaving town, set the thermostat at the lowest setting.The valve for temperature-pressure relief should also be tested periodically.

Space: Unless the heater manual indicates otherwise, maintain a clearance of 2 feet around the water heater Miami.

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