4 Signs You Need Plumber for Sewer Backup

We rarely notice our sewer lines until they start to cause problems. Once we are faced with a sewer backup, everything just seems to go from bad to worse. A sewer backup can be an unpleasant experience and must be addressed immediately by a qualified plumbing services South Florida before your toilets start overflowing. So, look out for the following symptoms:

Clogged drains: A single drain can get clogged for many reasons, most often from accumulated debris and requires a simple fix, but multiple clogged drains indicate a deeper problem — most likely the common sewer line. If you find that your lesser-used drains are also clogging up, it’s time to call your plumber immediately.

Flushing problems: If you find that your toilets are not flushing as they should, it’s a sure sign of trouble ahead. It may be taking too long to flush, and you may even notice bubbles. The first thing you can try is plunging, and in most cases, this will do the job. But if the plunger makes no difference, it’s the sewer line that is faulty. Another sign that this is the case will be flushing problems in more than one toilet. Like drains, when the problem appears in multiple places, we can safely assume that the sewer line is causing trouble. Time to call plumbing services South Florida.

Bubbles: Air gets trapped in the drain when water tries to flow around debris and bubbles form. When a sewer line is backing up, you may notice these bubbles appearing in your drains or toilets. If bubbles appear in more than one location this is a red flag.

Gurgling: Do you hear a gurgling noise in your shower when you flush? Or notice the toilet water rising when you use the washing machine? It’s the water looking for a way out and around the debris in the sewer line. Call your plumbing services South Florida.

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