Infographic: 6 Tips That Can Prolong Your Water Heater’s Life

The following infographic titled ‘Water Heater Maintenance Tips’ gives us valuable tips on the maintenance of water heaters. If properly maintained a heater will last for at least a decade if not more. A heater that is not properly maintained will not only start malfunctioning but will have a shorter life span.

Replacing a water heater can be expensive. Maintaining your water heater is a far more cost-effective strategy. Your heater will work properly, and your repair costs will always be kept low. Here are a few essential tips for the maintenance of your water heater:

Flush the water heater: Flush the tank twice a year to remove accumulated sediment. To do this turn of the cold water supply and the power. Open the pressure release valve along with a hot water tap in your bathroom. Let the water run until you see clear water.

Check pressure release valve: Pressure relief valve prevents the buildup of thermal pressure in the tank. To check the valve, place a bucket under the discharge pipe and manually open the valve. If the water flows without any trouble, your valve is working fine.

Thermostat: The optimal temperature for the thermostat is 120ºF. this willower you are electric bill while ensuring there is enough hot water for everyone.

Location: There should be four feet of empty space around your hot water heater.

Insulation: To cut down on heat loss insulate the hot water heater. You can purchase an insulating cover for this.

Check the anode rod: The anode rod attracts the corrosives to protect other parts. So check the rod once every three years and replace it if it is rusted.

For more tips on maintaining your water heater, read the infographic below.

Infographic for Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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