When to Call a Plumber for Your Water Heater

The average life span of a water heater is 10 to 15 years. But like any piece of machinery it can break down at any time. Heater repairs are best handled by an experienced plumber in south Florida. But what are the warning signs you should look out for?

No hot water: This is the first sign of trouble. No hot water means that something is wrong with your heater since it is obviously not functioning. Sometimes it could be as simple as the thermostat turned low. Low pressure can also cause heating problems. If the cause does not seem obvious to you, call your plumber.

Banging noise: Water heaters, particularly old ones make noise all the time — when someone flushes or opens a tap. It is the unusual noises that you have to watch out for — hissing, gurgling or knocking. The reason could be air in the system, or it could be due to a loose connection inside the heater. Call a plumber in south Florida to diagnose and fix the problem.

Water leak:A water heater can start leaking because of several factors, such as a crack in the body or a loose valve. You should get this repaired immediately. A leak can cause flooding inside the heater, causing corrosion or damaging it irreparably.

Pilot light going off: If the pilot light keeps going off, the heater won’t function properly. Once you have ruled out factors like lack of power, you should get a professional to check out the problem.

Low pressure: If you see that your heater is working, but the water pressure coming from your tap is very low, you could be dealing with more than a heater problem. The trouble may lay with the overall plumbing of the house or a blockage in the pipes. Low water pressure could also be the result of a water leak. It is best to get it checked from a plumber in south Florida.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs a Plumber

No matter how great your garbage disposal is, it is bound to break down. It is subjected to the constant onslaught of running water, soap, garbage, and clogs. Sometimes it is simply because the disposal is not switched on, alternatively, it just needs a reset, but there. But there are other situations that only a plumber in south Florida can fix for you:

When it does not make a noise: If there is no problem with the power, a disposal which is making no noise means that it has broken. You’ll need a plumber who can fix it or replace it.

When it is leaking: The common reason for a leaking garbage disposal is usually the wearing down or loosening of the sink flange. Tightening or resealing with plumber’s putty may fix the problem. Sometimes a the wall of the garbage disposal wall can wear out or  crack. The leak may also occur at connecting points to the drainpipe or dishwasher. It is best to call a plumber to fix these problems.

When it gets jammed: Most disposal units come with a wrench to remove the jam. However, if your don’t have one, call a plumber to resolve this issue.

When it’s draining too slowly: This is usually due to congestion in the drainpipe. You can use a natural cleaner to clear the drain. Chemical cleaners are not recommended because they can damage the unit. If this does not solve the problem, you should contact a plumber in south Florida who specializes in garbage disposals. A professional knows the construction of the disposal and how it should be cleaned and fixed.