Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs a Plumber

No matter how great your garbage disposal is, it is bound to break down. It is subjected to the constant onslaught of running water, soap, garbage, and clogs. Sometimes it is simply because the disposal is not switched on, alternatively, it just needs a reset, but there. But there are other situations that only a plumber in south Florida can fix for you:

When it does not make a noise: If there is no problem with the power, a disposal which is making no noise means that it has broken. You’ll need a plumber who can fix it or replace it.

When it is leaking: The common reason for a leaking garbage disposal is usually the wearing down or loosening of the sink flange. Tightening or resealing with plumber’s putty may fix the problem. Sometimes a the wall of the garbage disposal wall can wear out or  crack. The leak may also occur at connecting points to the drainpipe or dishwasher. It is best to call a plumber to fix these problems.

When it gets jammed: Most disposal units come with a wrench to remove the jam. However, if your don’t have one, call a plumber to resolve this issue.

When it’s draining too slowly: This is usually due to congestion in the drainpipe. You can use a natural cleaner to clear the drain. Chemical cleaners are not recommended because they can damage the unit. If this does not solve the problem, you should contact a plumber in south Florida who specializes in garbage disposals. A professional knows the construction of the disposal and how it should be cleaned and fixed.

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