Signs That Indicate an Overflowing Septic Tank

Nothing is more unpleasant than an overflowing septic tank. The good news? Avoiding this problem is easy when corrective measures are taken as soon as the warning signs are noticed. Call a plumber who specializes in septic tank Miami.

Drainage trouble

The first signs of trouble happens in the toilet. A problem with the septic tank means a backup in the sewage lines, that will obviously affect flushing. The water will flush slowly, taking more time than usual and may not clear on the first flush. You may have to flush several times. Other areas that will start showing drainage problems include your shower or  kitchen sink but the first sign of trouble will always occur in the toilet.

Sewer gas buildup or stink

We all know that a failing septic tank means a stinky bathroom, not to mention your entire home. Initially, the sewer gas buildup will be limited to the area around the septic tank where the sewage leaks into the surrounding soil. The stench of human waste is another defining factor. You should definitely have the tank checked by a plumber who specializes in septic tank Miami.

Plant growth

Septic tanks are usually built on arid land and may be covered with rocks. If you notice sudden vegetation in the area, such as shoots of grass, it’s probably because of a leaking tank. Human waste contains phosphates and nitrates, both of which act as excellent fertilizers and promote the growth of vegetation. Look out for unusual plant growth.

Importance of regular checks

Septic tanks should be pumped and cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup of solid waste.  If more than five years have passed since the last time your tank was flushed, chances are that the troubling signs indicate an overflowing septic tank.

But how frequently should your tank be pumped? This will depend on the number of people in the house and a rough estimation of the volume of wastewater produced. Generally, a septic tank should be pumped out every three to five years by a plumber who specializes in septic tank Miami. If your tank was pumped in the last year,  and you have a problem, it is advisable to have a plumber investigate the possibility of a potential problem.

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