5 Tools that Every DIY Plumber Needs

Like everywhere else, the plumbing in Miami Beach can get a bit problematic at times. Faucets can start leaking and drains can get clogged. Calling a plumber for every small problem can be both expensive and frustrating. So, it’s always better to know some DIY techniques that can help you fix the immediate problem. This also means that you need a few essential tools, such as:

Pliers: You will need a pair of water pump pliers or slip-joint pliers.These pliers have long handles and adjustable jaws that are designed to grip different sized pipes. These versatile pliers are the most essential tools in a plumber’s kit.

Plungers: Everyone should have a plunger to clear drains. There are two in use — flange plungers and sink plungers. They are the simplest tools for clearing a clogged drain. The rubber cup of the plunger is placed over the drain and you push down on it. The force of air and water pressure clears the clog.

Pipe wrench: The function of the pipe wrench is like that of a plier. However, it is more effective when dealing with softer metals like iron and steel pipes. It is also the preferred tool when we are using rounded fittings.

Sink and closet auger: These are useful tools for clearing drains. An auger has flexible steel cable which is attached to a hand crank or a control mechanism that helps in guiding the steel cable. The sink auger is like a rotating drum snake. It can be very effective against tough clogs. A closet auger, also known as a toilet snake, is a similar tool that is used for the toilet bowl. It is built in such a way that it can reach the bends in a toilet. If you cannot clean a drain with an auger, it is time to call someone specializing in plumbing in Miami beach.

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