Infographic: How to Handle Sudden Leaks Before Calling a Plumber

The Infographic, “Water Leak Miami: DIY Tips Before Calling a Plumber,” provides home remedies for sudden leaks at home or in the office.

Since most of these issues happen without any warning, it can be helpful if you have basic knowledge how plumbing systems work. For example, if your kitchen sink gets clogged,you can use a plunger to cover the other drain for maximum force to remove the clog.

Similarly, if your toilet suddenly gets clogged, you could easily clear the clog by using a forced cup plunger to push the discharge down the drain. In the case of a clogged bathtub, you can put the plunger on the drain and use the second plunger to drain the overflowing water in the tub. All these tips are simple and can be used by anyone. For more tips, refer to the infographic below.

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