How to Tell if You Have a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are common in old homes, apartment complexes,and modern homes. Sometimes, you can solve the problem yourself, but in more serious cases,you may need an expert in drain Miami. Before reaching out to a professional, it is important to know whether you actually have a blocked drain. The signs of a blocked drain are:

Drainage trouble: Slow draining of water in the toilet, shower, or sink is the first obvious sign of trouble. If the issue is limited to a single point, then it is likely to do with that fixture. However, slow draining across various fixtures means a deeper issue.

Gurgling sound: A gurgling sound in the pipes every time you flush the toilet or turn on the faucet is another sign of trouble. The sound comes when the blockage traps the air inside the pipe, leaving it displaced. The sound of trapped air is an indication of a blocked drain.

Foul smell: A foul smell is an obvious sign that something is wrong. Perhaps a rodent or other animal got trapped and is now rotting in your pipe.The smell is usually a bad enough sign for you to call a professional quickly.

In all the above cases, if you find that your usual solutions to clear the blocked drains are not working, call a professional agency with expertise in drain Miami immediately.

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