Main Sewer Clogs: Common Causes

The main sewer line may be invisible, but its importance for our home cannot be underestimated. Problems with the line will cause backed up toilets and overflowing drains.You will have to call up a plumbing Miami expert to take care of main sewer line cleaning. You may have to repair or replace the pipe.

Sometimes this is inevitable with age and natural factors. But you can minimize it by not adding anything that will clog the drains. To understand this, you must know the causes of main sewer line clogs:

Sagging pipe: This often happens in old houses where sections of earth may have eroded, causing that section of the pipe to sink or sag. The waste will start accumulating at this spot, eventually leading to clogs.

Damaged pipe: Pipes can get damaged for many reasons. Even though they are laid underground, these pipes can take quite a beating. The soil around them can shift or vibrating or drilling equipment can cause a pipe to rupture. An increase in traffic, or parking heavy vehicles above the line can damage it. Older pipes often corrode, and joint can come apart causing leaks.

Bad drainage practices: A common reason for backups is flushing debris down the drain. That debris doesn’t melt away. It simply accumulates, causing the line to clog. Grease and fats solidify and obstruct the flow of waste.

Tree roots: Tree roots will grow towards sources of moisture such as a drain field, eventually breaking nearby sewer pipes. You will have to call a plumbing Miami expert to replace the main sewer line in such cases.

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