Main Sewer Clogs: Warning Signs

Main sewer line clogging is inevitable with use and age. A clog may be an indicator of a more serious problem. It can mean a damaged main line. In such cases, you will have to call a plumber who specializes in drain Miami. The warning signs of a main sewer clog are:

Frequent drain backups: An occasional clog can be cleaned with some readily available liquid cleaner. But if your drains are backing up frequently, especially on the lower levels of the house, it’s time to call a plumber.

Clogging of multiple fixtures: A drain may get clogged up from debris. but when all your fixtures start getting clogged, it indicates that the problem lies in the main sewer line. A damaged or clogged main line will cause backups in all draining points in the house.

Changes in the drainage area: Your sewer line will typically pass underground and attach to the main line in the street.Any damage to the underground pipe will show above ground in the form of lush, green growth, sudden depressions, or patches of soggy soil.

Strange noises or bubbling: You may notice a gurgling noise in the pipes or after flushing, or an air bubble may be released from the toilet after flushing. When these symptoms happen frequently, call an expert in drain Miami immediately.

Main Sewer Clogs: Common Causes

The main sewer line may be invisible, but its importance for our home cannot be underestimated. Problems with the line will cause backed up toilets and overflowing drains.You will have to call up a plumbing Miami expert to take care of main sewer line cleaning. You may have to repair or replace the pipe.

Sometimes this is inevitable with age and natural factors. But you can minimize it by not adding anything that will clog the drains. To understand this, you must know the causes of main sewer line clogs:

Sagging pipe: This often happens in old houses where sections of earth may have eroded, causing that section of the pipe to sink or sag. The waste will start accumulating at this spot, eventually leading to clogs.

Damaged pipe: Pipes can get damaged for many reasons. Even though they are laid underground, these pipes can take quite a beating. The soil around them can shift or vibrating or drilling equipment can cause a pipe to rupture. An increase in traffic, or parking heavy vehicles above the line can damage it. Older pipes often corrode, and joint can come apart causing leaks.

Bad drainage practices: A common reason for backups is flushing debris down the drain. That debris doesn’t melt away. It simply accumulates, causing the line to clog. Grease and fats solidify and obstruct the flow of waste.

Tree roots: Tree roots will grow towards sources of moisture such as a drain field, eventually breaking nearby sewer pipes. You will have to call a plumbing Miami expert to replace the main sewer line in such cases.

How to Pick a Plumbing Services in Miami Beach

Everyone needs a plumbing service at some point. Even if you are an expert in DIY, there are some problems that only an expert can fix. It’s always better to keep the number of plumbing services in Miami Beach in your contact list instead of scrambling for help in an emergency.

Research: This is relatively easy. Search reviews, and directories, or ask your friends, neighbors and family for recommendations. Many plumbing services have websites today. Check these to understand their areas of expertise and if they service your area. work in your locality.

Check credibility: There are three essential things to check here — license, insurance and references. Check if they have a license to work as plumbers in Miami. A license also indicates that they understand the rules of the state regarding water usage and wastewater. They should carry insurance in case of accidents of damages. Finally, check references whenever you can. Find out if their customers are happy with the service and if the plumbers could solve difficult problems.

Working hours: Don’t forget to check their hours of operation.This can vary from company to company. Not all companies offer 24/7 service. Do they offer emergency service?  Keep in mind that these extra services could come at an extra cost.

Check budget: Compare rates between plumbing services in Miami Beach. Different companies may choose to base their charges differently. Some companies charge per hour and some charge by the project. Some plumbing services may have a combination of both where simple jobs are charged by hour and more complicated operations by the project. Also, clarify if you must pay extra for special services like emergency jobs.

3 Simple Rules to Save Water

Each one of us has the responsibility of reducing their water consumption. We all know that water scarcity around the world is reaching alarming levels. You may be living in South Florida where you have ready access to clean water, but you must still do your best to conserve it. This may need a change in lifestyle or the help of a plumber in South Florida.

Reducing water consumption:  Many people are unaware of how wasteful they are when they use water. So, the first thing to do is be mindful of unnecessary water usage. Keep your shower short; always use your washing machine and dishwasher on full loads.  Keep checking your water meter and bill to know your consumption pattern. The bill can also act as an incentive to reduce use.

Reducing water waste: Changing small habits can save habits.Don’t keep the water running when brushing your teeth, shaving, or rinsing dishes. Fix leaking toilets and dripping faucets. You may need the help of plumber in South Florida to fix leaking fixtures that wastewater.

Recycling: think about recycling water when you can. Left over water from boiling an egg can be used to water plants one it cools.

Call your plumber: Every average home in America wastes enough water through drips and leaks to actually meet their own water needs for a month. Most of these cannot be fixed by simple DIY. Call your plumber in South Florida to fix leaky faucets and pipes. It can make a world of difference to your overall water consumption.

How to Deal with Sudden Hike in Water Bill

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your water bill for no logical reason? The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day. If your water consumption seems significantly higher, there are two potential reasons: Your water consumption is wasteful and excessive or there is a leak in your house. Let’s assume that the first is not the case.For unknown leaks, you may need to call Miami beach plumbing services.

Finding the leak

Sometimes leaks are not as obvious as leaking faucets. Here’s a simple test that can help you find out if there is a leak:

  • Turn off all the faucets in your home.
  • Check your water meter. If the red dial is moving, it means there is a leak somewhere.
  • Turn off the water to all toilets one by one, checking the meter each time. The moment the red dial stops moving, you have found your leak.
  • If the dial moves even after turning off all toilets, the leak is somewhere else. Check each faucet and fitting again.
  • Take a reading right before you go to sleep, when water usage is over for the day.
  • Check the reading next morning. If you find a significant difference, there is a leak somewhere in your home. Since it is not immediately visible to you, call Miami beach plumbing services to find the leak and fix it.

Reducing water consumption

Apart from fixing the leaks in the house, you also need reduce your overall water consumption. Think of reducing, reusing and recycling water wherever you can. Not only can it help to reduce your water bills, it is also environmentally responsible. Do ensure that devices like water heater, dish washer and washing machine are also serviced regularly for optimum performance. You can ask your Miami beach pluming services to check devices for leaks.